At the station!


The World Trade Centre Transportation Hub! This hub replaced the train station that was destroyed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Its centrepiece is the Oculus, a glass and steel structure which is designed, when seen from the outside, to look like a dove in flight. I took this photograph of the inside – it was amazing. It is the sort of view that makes you stand and stare. Have a lovely day!

As We Surprise Himself!


A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I stumbled across a great find at a local Antiques Fair. Without even conferring, we purchased the item because we knew Himself would love it. He was waiting outside with Jack. With the purchase well hidden, we ran outside and marched Himself to the nearest bench. He was asked to sit down because we had a surprise for him. This is a genuine picture of his.. Read More

The View from the Hudson!


Manhattan from the Hudson River –  August 2016 My love affair with my new Nikon camera continues. On our way back from visiting the lady in the top picture, I turned and saw this view from the Hudson River. I sat staring for a moment before I remembered to take a picture. This photo is completely unedited, the buildings really were that bright and Battery Park really was that green. I am still.. Read More

A Postcard from New York!


Hello, This week has been about making the most of Ellie being home before she goes back to  university this weekend. It has also been Evie’s first full week back at school, so we are slowly getting back into the swing of things. I wanted to share five of my favourite pictures that I took in New York, before things get so hectic that I forget to do it. After much procrastinating, I.. Read More

Heritage Weekend

My Captured

We took advantage of the Heritage Open Days this weekend. The beautiful village of Port Sunlight is very near to where we live and one of our favourite places to visit. With it being ‘open village day’, there were lots of buildings open to the public that we had never been inside before. The other thing about Port Sunlight, is that it is very popular with those playing the Pokemon game. As you.. Read More

15 Years


Hans Christian Anderson – Central Park, New York I took this picture during our recent trip to New York. As soon as I took it, I decided that I would save it to post today. This plaque is beside the statue. During our trip we visited the 9/11 memorial and took part in the Memorial Walk. It was deeply moving! I wish you a peaceful day on this 15th Anniversary xx

The Empire State Building!


We had many special moments in New York, especially the day that Ellie finally appeared at Grand Central Station. However, one of my other favourites was when we went to The Empire State Building. Now, I feel I must explain, I really wasn’t that impressed with building it’s self because I preferred the look of the Chrysler Building. As a consequence, we left this little gem until the end of our stay. As.. Read More

Stuart Little & A Picnic!


We have just returned from New York and are all feeling a little jet lagged! We had a fabulous time, one of our best evenings was going to see Stuart Little in Central Park on Saturday evening. The event was organised by Central Park Conservancy  and they have been showing films that feature the park, throughout the summer. We were particularly pleased to make it to the last event because Stuart Little is.. Read More

The Memories We’ve Made!


As we too prepare for the new academic year, it makes me realise how strange this summer has been. I think everyone knows that our eldest daughter has spent most of it in America. Therefore, we have been one person short for months and it has been weird. There were definitely bumpy times along the way. However, despite the odds we have all survived ha! and live to tell another tale. Indeed, it.. Read More

Packing, Preparing & Planning!


Hi Ellie, Well life seems to have gotten a bit crazy around here and time has really run away with me. We have been packing, preparing and planning for our trip to the Big Apple to see you. We now have an itinerary of sorts. On Saturday morning, we decided that we needed to do something outside the house and so we went to Western Approaches in Liverpool. It was fascinating and left us.. Read More