Packing, Preparing & Planning!


Hi Ellie, Well life seems to have gotten a bit crazy around here and time has really run away with me. We have been packing, preparing and planning for our trip to the Big Apple to see you. We now have an itinerary of sorts. On Saturday morning, we decided that we needed to do something outside the house and so we went to Western Approaches in Liverpool. It was fascinating and left us.. Read More

A Wirral Sunset!

18th August 2016 This week we decided to make the most of the lovely weather by taking ourselves off to a local beauty spot for a BBQ when Himself finished work. We had a great time, I grabbed my new camera and began to snap away. I have not progressed out of the Auto setting on my camera yet, therefore I pointed it towards the sky and took this shot. I was amazed at.. Read More

The Welsh Hills!


13th August 2016 Hi Ellie, We took part in the 3rd Anniversary Pedal’n’Picnic event yesterday for Bike & Go. We really enjoyed it and learned lots more about the scheme. Like you can join and hire a bike on the same day anywhere in the country, for just £3.80 a day! I have been looking at hiring bikes in Central Park, New York during our holiday in a couple of weeks . Given.. Read More

It is raining Mummy!

My Captured

August 2004 Hi Ellie, Look at this picture that I have found! Now I know I am not going to get any mum points for this, but I think I come out of this story much worse than you girls. Do you remember we went to York for a stay cation and had a lovely time? But it was a typical British summer weather wise, and as we walked towards the Castle Museum,.. Read More

A visitor to the Glade!


Dear Ellie, Exciting news about your pending trip to Boston. Please take lots of pictures to share on here when you do some guest posts in September. This weekend did not go at all as planned. We spent some time looking out for this little chap. We stumbled across him in the Glade at the start of Jack’s walk. Jack was put on his lead which seemed to confuse him because he never.. Read More

The Jam Exhibition!


Hi Ellie, We have finally made it to The Jam Exhibition in Liverpool. I don’t know if you remember, but we were going to go when it was in Somerset House in London but didn’t make it. Well it is in an equally impressive building here in Liverpool, the Cunard Building. Dad was absolutely thrilled with the whole thing! The Jam were a bit before my time, but I still enjoyed looking at the.. Read More

A girl, A bike & A dog!


Dear Ellie, As you know, we are planing to take part in the ‘Pedal ‘n’ Picnic’ event next Saturday. It is apparent that we all need some practice. On Friday evening, we dusted off our bikes and off we went. We literally had to wash them, they were filthy. Afterwards, Evie was on her bike in the Glade and when Jack came over it looked as though he was posing. I whipped out my phone and.. Read More

Bike & Go!


Hi Ellie, Have you heard of Bike & Go? Well I hadn’t until I was sent an email promoting a birthday ride. Now you know that I love my bike, but hardly ride it now that dog walking has become a priority. So the email had me intrigued and I had to find out more. These lovely bikes are available at lots of train stations around the country and a few near to.. Read More

When Ellie did Ibiza!!

My Captured

Hi Ellie, Look what I have found. This lovely picture of you. June Ibiza 2004 Ah that was a great holiday wasn’t it? We spent every day on the beach and at 14 months old, Evie spent her time crawling along the edge of the sea. Eventually, we bought her a little boat to give her some variation ha! It was in Ibiza that you first learned to body board, you loved it.. Read More

Port Sunlight Village


Hi Ellie, I thought you might like to see a bit of home today. Well not home exactly, but Port Sunlight Village which is just a few miles from the Glade. It was built by William Hesketh Lever for the workers at his Sunlight Soap factory in 1888. As you know, it is one of my favourite place to go, I love that there are so many different houses in such a small.. Read More