Five on Friday


So it really is Friday again already – don’t get me wrong, I am glad to see it, but it does feel like this week has flown by. I usually always steer away from political comment, but in these uncertain times, I have to say – I cannot imagine a world with Boris Johnson in Downing Street and Donald Trump in the White House! So  from a very un-united part of the world,.. Read More

My Captured Moment!

My Captured

7th May 2016 My Captured Moment this week was taken the night before Evie’s birthday. Evie has chosen to go to Liverpool for dinner at our favourite vegetarian spot The Egg. Ellie had made a special effort to get the evening off from work in Manchester to join us. We feasted on delicious food and talked about the day she was born, Ellie never fails to mention that she was allowed a bottle of Fanta,.. Read More

Vintage prints!


I have struggled to know what to do with our stairs. We still have the builder’s magnolia paint but I love to see pictures on the walls to inject some personality to the place. As is usual in these situations, I found myself wandering into our local John Lewis in search of inspiration. I stumbled across some prints by Kelly Hall and after a few visits, decided to invest. The depict her interpretation.. Read More

Where is the pan?


As weekends go, it wasn’t an epic by any means. However, we did venture out to Thurstaston in an effort to try out the new camping stove. I say new as though it was a replacement but in truth, himself will not entertain anything remotely connected with camping. I purchased the stove during a rebellious moment on a lone shopping trip ha! We had decided on a simple menu of Quorn hot dogs,.. Read More

As normal service resumes!


Normal service is resuming around here as I return to my original brief. I started the blog as a way to keep the eldest in touch with what was happening at home. She struggled with homesickness during her first few terms at University and,  the almost daily snippets of news from home seemed to help. Well now that she is lost to New York for the next ten weeks, the almost daily snippets from.. Read More

Jo Cox

Helen Joanne `Jo`Cox 22nd June 1974 – 16th June 2016 Two tiny children are without their mum today. A friend told a reporter that they both have chicken pox . I remember both of my girls having chicken pox and thinking it was the end of the world – how foolish I am. There is something about the children suffering from this most common of childhood diseases that seems to make this tragedy.. Read More

Five on Friday – Blists Hill


Hello, Things are pretty chaotic around here at the moment as we prepare for both girls to go away on Wednesday. I have not taken many photos this week as I have been running around like a headless chicken most of the time. So I thought I would share our half term visit to Blists Hill with you. One Blists Hill is a village in Shropshire that has been created as a Victorian.. Read More

My Captured Moment as I lose the plot!

My Captured

August 2006 – Somewhere in Kent   I am vague about the location of My Captured Moment this week because it was one of those holidays that was not what it seemed. I had booked it on the internet and was royally taken in. The pub that was described as being in strolling distance was actually 6 miles and two main roads away, oh yes and not open to children. The beach that was on.. Read More

My Captured Moment!

My Captured

28th May 2016   My Captured Moment was taken on Saturday evening when we attended The Lost Carnival. The week before we had discovered that the youngest had been having quite a distressing time at school. Obviously, I can not tell chapter and verse, it would not be fair on any of the parties, but suffice to say it seems Evie was at the receiving of end of some very unpleasant behaviour. Thankfully,.. Read More

The Lost Carnival


On Saturday evening we were invited to The Lost carnival. We were invited by Wild Rumpus are a social enterprise based in cheshire. They organise family arts events in wild, natural landscapes or the local park. This event was held in Queen’s Park in Crewe, Cheshire. Despite having read the links that were sent to us, we were not really sure what to expect. Nevertheless, the youngest was very excited. The carnival was centred.. Read More