It is feeling very Christmassy in Liverpool this year.

On Saturday,  we were  invited to explore the city and see what there is to do here this Christmas.

Jules this post is mostly for you and your impending visit.

Dreamworks Lights

Our first stop was St George’s Hall which is opposite Lime Street Station.

This year it has been taken over by DreamWorks Lights .


Inside the hall you will find a range of characters from Kung Fu Panda to Madagascar.

They are all lit up and look spectacular inside the dark hall.


 I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so lets just say that it is fantastic.

We really enjoyed it and when I looked around, everyone had big smiles on their faces including Evie and Himself.

The experience is on until the 15th January 2017 and we highly recommend it.


Outside the hall, on which we grandly call the Plateau, there is a traditional Christmas market.


The market includes this cool gin stall.

However, I resisted and tried the non alcoholic Wassail instead, it was delicious.

There is a picture of the jolly man that sold it to us on my Instagram, he was Christmas personified.


There was lots of food on offer, this stall selling traditional Polish food was very popular.


There were some lovely gift ideas and a very busy stall selling Christmas tree decorations.

The market is there until the 22nd December 2016.

By this time we were getting a bit hungry and so hot footed it over to Ask Italian which is in Queen Square.

Queen Square is really handy for both the tourist attractions and shops.


Himself and Evie enjoyed theirs too, especially the Bruschetta.


This is the face of a happy, well fed teenager.

Next on our agenda was ice skating, so we made our way to the Liverpool Christmas Ice Festival.


Unfortunately, it was closed when we got there and lots of people were waiting for it to re-open.

As it is open until the 3rd January 2017, we decided that we would come back later in December, maybe when Ellie is home.

There are tons of things going on around the waterfront area, we saw fair rides, mini bungee jumps, more street food and a lovely looking bar area.

Father Christmas

The last thing on our agenda was the Lego Santa Express in the heart of Liverpool One.

It has been made out of over 500,000 Lego bricks and has two carriages one of which, includes a Christmas tree, complete with flashing lights.

You can also climb aboard and have your photo taken, it is there until 29th December 2017.

We had been out for the whole day but had still had not seen everything.

Still on our ‘to do list’ is Albert Dock, it always looks so special at Christmas and we would love to do the Snowflake Trail with the dog.

How was your Saturday?


Have a lovely day!

Disclaimer: We were invited to DreamWorks Lights and Ask Italian but all views are most definitely my own.