Keep Calm and Love a Vegetarian – Please!


1990 was quite a big year for me, I got married and became a vegetarian, the two events were most definitely linked. I had made a very early connection between the sweet new born lambs that I saw in the fields and the chops in our freezer, but my mum wasn’t the sort to experiment with food, so I had to wait to begin my vegetarian journey. Having taken the plunge, I was.. Read More



This time of year is really tough on Jack. It gets dark so early that it is difficult to let him off his lead on his daily walks. However, at the weekend when he is allowed his freedom, he is off like a racehorse. These photographs were taken in New Brighton, Wirral. I wish I had taken this image on a manual setting and been able to capture the water more clearly. However,.. Read More

Evie’s Special Night


Our internet connection at home has been a nightmare this week. It seems that the wind and the rain has left us hanging, so to speak. We changed provider just over a year ago, but it appears to be worse than ever. Therefore, please accept my apologies for radio silence on here and twitter, I will catch up as soon as I can. In other news, it has been a very special week.. Read More

A Postcard from Turkey


It feels like a long time since I felt the sun on my face, but it has only been two weeks since we returned from Turkey. We stayed in a pretty hotel that had two private beaches, this one was my favourite. There seemed to be lovely views in every direction.   The sea is actually at the end of this gorgeous path. This was one of our favourite places to sit on.. Read More

There is a crack in everything………..


I was so sad to hear to of the death of Leonard Cohen last week. Not because I particularly loved his music, but because he had some fantastic quotes attributed to him. Therefore, I felt it was fitting that I should choose one of his this week. This one is my favourite `Leonard` quotes. Let us all embrace our cracks instead of trying to paper over them or worse, hide them completely. Lets.. Read More

Autumnal Sunset


On our recent trip to Turkey, we were lucky enough to witness some stunning sunsets. Autumn was in full swing there too, this picture was taken in the very early evening. It was pitch black by 7pm every night.  I have not tinkered with this picture at all, the sky really was that stunning colour. Have a lovely day!

The birthday Cake


Hello how are you? I didn’t mean to be away for quite so long but other things seem to have got in the way. I have lots to update you on but today I want to share Ellie’s 21st birthday. She chose to go away and picked a hotel in Turkey for some last minute sunshine before Winter begins. I emailed ahead and booked a table in the Turkish restaurant for the big.. Read More

All those Birthdays!

My Captured

Life is so busy at the moment, I have a major event coming up in work next  week so will be away until Saturday morning. On Saturday morning, I will need to be home by 11.30am because we leave for the airport then. During the same week that I will be away, Evie will also be performing in a play at school every evening. We are already exhausted! However, the reason for our great escape.. Read More

Alice and Evie

thumb_DSC_0687_1024 2

When we visited New York recently, Evie’s only real request was to find the Alice In Wonderland statue in Central Park. I think it is obvious from her face that she loved it. Given that we live so near to Lewis Carroll’s birthplace, we decided that we really ought to visit there too. We finally paid a visit this weekend. Lewis Carroll lived in Daresbury, Cheshire from his birth in 1832 until 1843.. Read More

The Counsellor!


My Captured Moment this week comes from the Friday before last.  Evie has been chosen by her classmates to represent them. Then the rest of the year elected her and her friend, to sit on the school council on their behalf. She is delighted and so are we. I have mentioned before that the last school year was a difficult  one for her. This time last year, I am sure that she would not have even considered.. Read More