Hello lovelies,

I didn’t mean to leave it this long, were has January has gone?

Although that said, it has felt like a super long month, probably because I have spent much of it with a nerve trapped in my back.

I am shuffling around trying my best to encourage it to untrap, usually heavily under the influence of strong painkillers.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share a new discovery with you.

Back in September I was invited to Hotter shoes in Chester.


I was in my element browsing the lovely shoes.


I loved these flat shoes and just look at that beautiful bag.


We were invited to pick a pair of shoes to take away, I was sorely tempted by these fabulous Donna heels.

When I tried them on, I definitely had a ‘Hotter Moment’ (that moment when you put a pair of shoes on and they seem to give your feet a gentle hug).


However, winter was fast approaching and everyone else was choosing boots so,  I followed the crowd.

I chose a black pair of Vanity Boots.

vanity boots

Who on earth could resist that gorgeous zip detail?

I was invited to have my feet measured and then the boots were properly fitted, such a treat.

I felt as though I was walking on air.

However, I decided to put them through their paces before I wrote this post.

I have put them to the test during a fair few dog walks, weeks of Christmas shopping and nights dancing until the wee hours.

They are marvellous and still look like new.

I love them so much that I have purchased another two pairs of shoes.


These Angelica heels helped me through a recent three day work event including the gala dinner.

They fit like gloves around my feet and go with just about anything.


However, my absolute favourites are these little beauties.

During my ongoing back problem, I don’t know what I would have done without these amazing Petula shoes in my arsenal.

Not only are they very pretty but I feel as though I don’t actually have shoes on at all.

I am trying to follow medical advice to keep moving and some days, these are the only shoes I can wear.

They are in the sale at the moment, go on grab yourself a pair and then let me know how much you love them.

Happy shopping!



*This is collaborative post, but all opinions are absolutely my own, give them a try.