Lemon Bars


Hi Elle, I made these Lemon Bars yesterday and just have to share the recipe with you before I forget. They are so easy to make and are absolutely gorgeous. A little bit of summer that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The base is like a buttery biscuit or cookie, then the lemon centre is an oozy sweet treat with a hint of tartness. Your housemates will love them when you go.. Read More

My five favourite tips!


When I published my first few recipes, I used to always include a little tip at the end. They were always things that I thought everyone knew, so I am often amazed when I mention things to people and they have never heard of it. Over time, I have developed a few of my own. Here are my five favourites that I use all the time     I blast a lemon in.. Read More

Tea bread

  When I was baking for the party last week, I decided quite late on that I wanted to make a fruit cake or two  for the adults, although that said, Miss Glade loves a slice herself! I confess that I usually throw the ingredients in, mix and bake, it mostly turns out ok. This time I measured everything because I knew I would want to share it. Orange marmalade is included in.. Read More

Spicy Orange Cake!

I absolutely love mixed spice and think it is sad that it is usually only popular at  Christmas. I  use it whenever I can, for example a good spoonful gets added to my Carrot cake with Orange Frosting. Last week I wanted a spicy but sweet cake and looked through my cupboards to see what I had in. This gorgeous creation was the result. The orange flavour really shines through. I chose the.. Read More

Brownies with…………..White Choc Chunks!

Less wandering today and back to baking! As you know I believe that anything can be improved by adding chocolate. That even includes Chocolate Brownies! Big chunks of white chocolate are added to this recipe and baked into the gooey goodness. Lovely! For a longtime, I have been on quest to find the perfect Brownie recipe, it’s been a nightmare for my family having to try each of them ;). This recipe is.. Read More

Carrot cake with Orange topping!

A very firm favourite cake in this house is Carrot Cake. I never mind because I always kid myself into thinking that I am providing one of their five a day. Tentative? Give this a go, I promise it is worth it! Ingredients Cake 225g self raising flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon ground mixed spice 150g soft dark brown sugar 150g peeled and grated carrots 2 eggs 150ml sunflower oil 2.. Read More

No need to knead bread…………….. Yes really!

This is cheese and chive bread that I made recently. It really is the easiest bread I have ever made. It is one of those recipes where there is a lot of alchemy involved and really as long as you follow the simple instructions, you just have to trust it will be ok. I have also made a rosemary, chive and thyme loaf, a plain white one and a mix of wholemeal and.. Read More

A ‘Welcome to The Glade’ Lemon Drizzle cake

We were the sixth family to move into The Glade. Most families that have moved in since have been welcomed with a Lemon Drizzle cake. (If you are reading this and you have moved in and didn’t received a cake,  let me know and I will hasten to rectify the situation ASAP). People are often impressed with this particular cake, however in the spirit of sharing, I am about to take one for.. Read More

Banana Bread with er……..dark chocolate chunks!

So sorry but, in my humble opinion, dark chocolate is a natural addition to anything with banana in it. Am I right? That said you can leave it out it you want to be a bit healthier. In this household there is never a problem with bananas being left to go black and soft, we go through kilos each week. Therefore, I have to wait until at 4 bananas present themselves in that.. Read More