Three Wet Dogs!


Hoylake Beach – 16th July 2016 Jack, Molly and Buddy! They look like three ragamuffins, soaking wet because they found a pool and lots of deep puddles in the sand, you would think that nobody owned them. In reality, they are three pampered pooches who had a great time hanging out together yesterday! They kept all their two legs* amused for hours. Have a lovely day! *Humans who pander to their every whim.. Read More

My Sunday Photo!

23rd January 2016 : West Kirby Beach Poor Jack does struggle during the winter to get a run out and about. During the week, most walks have to be conducted with him attached to his lead, it is too dark at either side of the working day to let him off it. However, at the weekend we do make an effort to take him for a good run. Yesterday we took him to his.. Read More

This week I have Loved……. oh I have a list!

I know everyone is saying it,  but I can not believe that it is the end of August already! The summer has flown, the leaves are already falling from the trees in The Glade. We have a lovely long bank holiday weekend stretching ahead of us before the mayhem of the school routine begins again. I have a list of things that I have loved this week, so I will just get on.. Read More

If I could…………

The lovely Catherine at Pushing The Moon has tagged me for this ‘If I could…….” meme. It was started by Jocelyn from The Reading Residence who called it The Walter Mitty Post, which I think is brilliant! I usually do my day dreaming during my commute, here is a little insight into my whimsical thoughts! If I could live anywhere I actually really love where I live but I wish we had a warmer climate… Read More

Red Squirrels : Formby Point

My Sunday Photo this week was taken at Formby Point in Liverpool last weekend. It is a coastal path that includes sand dunes and, a wooded area that houses red squirrels. We have been before when the eldest was a baby and a couple of times since but, we have never seen a red squirrel! This picture of Jack on top of a sand dune has not had any filters whatsoever used on it… Read More