From our house to yours

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It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Glade. There will be carols in the Chapel this evening and then a little ‘party’ afterwards. So before I set about baking delicious treats, I just wanted to pop in to say …. Merry Christmas from our house to yours. Have a lovely time and I will see you inbetwixmas  xxxxx  

Breakfast on the go!


I was not going to do a My Captured Moment this week because it is bedlam around here just now. However, Heledd has just tweeted that this is the last time for this lovely link up. So after a frantic delve in my drop box, I have unearthed this picture from a past Christmas morning. This is the picture that Himself always says is his favorite. Evie having her breakfast on the go. Thank.. Read More

Christmas Morning 2006

My CapturedMoment!

My captured moment this week is Christmas morning 2006. This picture was taken as the girls were coming into the living room where Santa had left their presents. We always send Himself downstairs to check that Father Christmas has been, hence he was in pole position to take the picture. Evie had asked for a ‘Fifi House’ that year. Half way through opening her presents, she came over to me and demanded ‘Which.. Read More

Deck the Halls……..

christmas from all at Into The Glade-3

Like most people, we have Decked the Halls this week.  I have added a little splash of colour to our tree this year with some copper baubles. It ties the tree in nicely with the colours that are already in that room. It is just a very subtle splash of colour that has made all the difference. Even Himself is pleased with the result and he doesn’t usually notice until Christmas Eve. I have.. Read More

Leaving a Mince Pie for Santa

My Captured Moment (2)

My Captured Moment this week is from Christmas Eve 2004. Evie was at that magical age when she was just beginning to understand that something special was happening. In this picture, she has her new pajamas and slippers on, the fairies will have left them under the tree earlier in the day. Her hair is still damp from her bath “for Father Christmas”. She has left the mince pie and diet coke for.. Read More

One Magical City

One Magical City logo

It is feeling very Christmassy in Liverpool this year. On Saturday,  we were  invited to explore the city and see what there is to do here this Christmas. Jules this post is mostly for you and your impending visit. Our first stop was St George’s Hall which is opposite Lime Street Station. This year it has been taken over by DreamWorks Lights . Inside the hall you will find a range of characters from.. Read More

My Captured Moment!

My Captured Moment was taken on Christmas Eve this year. As usual the fairies had dropped a present under the tree to be open by the girls on Christmas Eve. It always contains new pyjamas and slippers which is just as well because I always forget to buy them 😉 Earlier in the evening, the eldest had been been to the pub with friends*. When she came home, the youngest was tracking Santa.. Read More

My Final Festive Five!

I can’t believe that this is the final Five on Friday of the year! It has been such a pleasure to visit you all most Fridays and thank you for all your great comments. You are all very lovely indeed! So to my final five – One I love this little Christmas tree in our kitchen window. The theme in here is far more traditional than in our living room. I think this.. Read More

My Monday Quote!

I like this quote a lot and believe it to be true. When better than at Christmastime to perform a random act of kindness. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone performed one random act a day between now and Christmas Day? What a difference it would make! It doesn’t have to be some huge, expensive gesture, maybe just let someone into a queue of traffic, or give a compliment or, smile at a.. Read More