My Random Five!


Hello, Given that I have been missing for a little while, my five this week are a random selection of what we have been up to in the interim. One In April we went to Edinburgh to celebrate Himself’s birthday. As predicted, I packed all the wrong clothes and shivered my way through the weekend. Do not be fooled by the beautiful blue sky, it was bitterly cold. Despite the snow (yes really),.. Read More

My Sunday Photo!


It was low tide yesterday afternoon on the River Mersey. I always think it looks eerie, it is almost as though we could cross the sand to Liverpool. 6th February 2016 – The River Mersey This was the view out towards the Cheshire Plains. It takes us about a five minute walk through the woods to this point, at the edge of the river. It is a very pretty route that allows us to.. Read More

Holidays are nice but……….!

Amy is taking a well-earned break from hosting Five on Friday for August. Therefore, I have jumped at the chance to join in with Steph from Diary from a Midlife Mummy and her lovely What I have Loved This Week link. We returned home in the early hours of Tuesday morning from our recent holidays. Later that day, himself was dispatched to collect our black labrador, Jack, who had been billeted at his mum’s house.. Read More

Beyond the Bear Pit

These steps lead down to The Bear Pit! Yes, really The Bear Pit. See, this is The Bear Pit. You would be forgiven for wondering why on earth Eastham Country Park would need a Bear Pit, please be reassured that it is no longer used except to house three wooden sculptures! It is what remains of the Pleasure Gardens created by Thomas Stanley to entertain the visitors that he brought across the Mersey on.. Read More

“Hey look at that tree growing out of the wall!”

Poor Miss Glade has to listen to this exclamation almost every time we take a wander through our local woods. She anticipates it and Mr Glade, hardly ever disappoints. However, she has now confessed to her dad that she finds it boring. Mr Glade believes it to be a miracle of nature and that Miss Glade is too complacent. Is it boring or is it really quite interesting? You decide!

Is the world full of Black Labs?

This is Jack of The Glade! When we walk Jack, it seems that the Eastham Woods are full of Black Labs. They are everywhere! Jack of The Glade belongs to Ms Glade, he was a present for her 18th birthday. Ms Glade now mostly resides in Manchester, she is a student. Whilst she does return home often for food and sleep, she isn’t here, obviously, to look after ‘her’ dog on a daily.. Read More