The birthday Cake


Hello how are you? I didn’t mean to be away for quite so long but other things seem to have got in the way. I have lots to update you on but today I want to share Ellie’s 21st birthday. She chose to go away and picked a hotel in Turkey for some last minute sunshine before Winter begins. I emailed ahead and booked a table in the Turkish restaurant for the big.. Read More

All those Birthdays!

My Captured

Life is so busy at the moment, I have a major event coming up in work next  week so will be away until Saturday morning. On Saturday morning, I will need to be home by 11.30am because we leave for the airport then. During the same week that I will be away, Evie will also be performing in a play at school every evening. We are already exhausted! However, the reason for our great escape.. Read More

When Ellie did Ibiza!!

My Captured

Hi Ellie, Look what I have found. This lovely picture of you. June Ibiza 2004 Ah that was a great holiday wasn’t it? We spent every day on the beach and at 14 months old, Evie spent her time crawling along the edge of the sea. Eventually, we bought her a little boat to give her some variation ha! It was in Ibiza that you first learned to body board, you loved it.. Read More

The Altar Server!

My Captured

Dear Ellie, February 2006 I have changed My Captured Moment today because I am not sure if you have heard that a priest was murdered, in a very brutal way, in France a couple of days ago – during mass. He was an old man, the same age as Grandma Mary, who was covering for the regular priest while he was on holiday. It is horrendous to think that something that horrific could.. Read More

Dear Ellie


Dear Ellie*, You have never been afraid to travel and have been taking yourself off, all over Europe, for a while now. Therefore, we were not at all surprised when you said you wanted to head for pastures new this summer – good for you lovely! You have been away for four weeks now on your American adventure. We are beginning to really miss you but know that you are making the most of.. Read More