Breakfast on the go!


I was not going to do a My Captured Moment this week because it is bedlam around here just now. However, Heledd has just tweeted that this is the last time for this lovely link up. So after a frantic delve in my drop box, I have unearthed this picture from a past Christmas morning. This is the picture that Himself always says is his favorite. Evie having her breakfast on the go. Thank.. Read More

Christmas Morning 2006

My CapturedMoment!

My captured moment this week is Christmas morning 2006. This picture was taken as the girls were coming into the living room where Santa had left their presents. We always send Himself downstairs to check that Father Christmas has been, hence he was in pole position to take the picture. Evie had asked for a ‘Fifi House’ that year. Half way through opening her presents, she came over to me and demanded ‘Which.. Read More

Keep Calm and Love a Vegetarian – Please!


1990 was quite a big year for me, I got married and became a vegetarian, the two events were most definitely linked. I had made a very early connection between the sweet new born lambs that I saw in the fields and the chops in our freezer, but my mum wasn’t the sort to experiment with food, so I had to wait to begin my vegetarian journey. Having taken the plunge, I was.. Read More

Evie’s Special Night


Our internet connection at home has been a nightmare this week. It seems that the wind and the rain has left us hanging, so to speak. We changed provider just over a year ago, but it appears to be worse than ever. Therefore, please accept my apologies for radio silence on here and twitter, I will catch up as soon as I can. In other news, it has been a very special week.. Read More

A Postcard from Turkey


It feels like a long time since I felt the sun on my face, but it has only been two weeks since we returned from Turkey. We stayed in a pretty hotel that had two private beaches, this one was my favourite. There seemed to be lovely views in every direction.   The sea is actually at the end of this gorgeous path. This was one of our favourite places to sit on.. Read More

All those Birthdays!

My Captured

Life is so busy at the moment, I have a major event coming up in work next  week so will be away until Saturday morning. On Saturday morning, I will need to be home by 11.30am because we leave for the airport then. During the same week that I will be away, Evie will also be performing in a play at school every evening. We are already exhausted! However, the reason for our great escape.. Read More

The Counsellor!


My Captured Moment this week comes from the Friday before last.  Evie has been chosen by her classmates to represent them. Then the rest of the year elected her and her friend, to sit on the school council on their behalf. She is delighted and so are we. I have mentioned before that the last school year was a difficult  one for her. This time last year, I am sure that she would not have even considered.. Read More

As We Surprise Himself!


A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I stumbled across a great find at a local Antiques Fair. Without even conferring, we purchased the item because we knew Himself would love it. He was waiting outside with Jack. With the purchase well hidden, we ran outside and marched Himself to the nearest bench. He was asked to sit down because we had a surprise for him. This is a genuine picture of his.. Read More

The Empire State Building!


We had many special moments in New York, especially the day that Ellie finally appeared at Grand Central Station. However, one of my other favourites was when we went to The Empire State Building. Now, I feel I must explain, I really wasn’t that impressed with building it’s self because I preferred the look of the Chrysler Building. As a consequence, we left this little gem until the end of our stay. As.. Read More

Stuart Little & A Picnic!


We have just returned from New York and are all feeling a little jet lagged! We had a fabulous time, one of our best evenings was going to see Stuart Little in Central Park on Saturday evening. The event was organised by Central Park Conservancy  and they have been showing films that feature the park, throughout the summer. We were particularly pleased to make it to the last event because Stuart Little is.. Read More