The fabulous BagelStein – Paris!


As you know we recently went to Paris for the weekend. I simply have to share this little gem with you. As you walk from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, there is a road that runs beside the Champs d’Elysee called Avenue Marceau. At number 5, you will find the most fantastic bagel shop.   You will probably smell the bagels baking before you actually see BagelStein. There are freshly.. Read More

Comforting Mac ‘n’ Cheese!

I am actively engaging in Hygge and I have written about never dieting in January, so this Mac ‘n’ Cheese is never going to be part of anyone’s detox plan. But boy, it is good! In my experience many delicious dishes are often formed through necessity and, this is no exception. The eldest recently popped home to see The Rock and Roll Pantomime and decided to stay for an extra night. I didn’t have a menu.. Read More

Five on Friday!

Its been a funny week here on The Glade and, I for one,  am so ready for the weekend. My Five on Friday seem to  mostly reflect my need for comfort this week. It is definitely chiller and darker around here now. Here are five things that have irked and pleased me in equal measures this week. One The leaves have started to fall off the trees around the Chapel this week. It.. Read More

When in Rome………or Spain!

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is to go food shopping. Three out of four of our contingent is vegetarian, so with the best will in the world, some meals have to be self catered. Vegetarians get a raw deal in the UK, however we always come home from our holidays grateful that at least most places here have a vegetarian option. During our recent trip to Spain, we found.. Read More

Casa Italia – Liverpool!

Recently, the little Miss caught the bus from school and met me for dinner in Liverpool. Given that Italian food is her favourite, we decided to introduce her to Casa Italia. My first ‘proper’ job was in Liverpool City Centre and Casa Italia was always a favourite haunt of myself and my friends. However, we hadn’t been there for years and so were  interested to see whether it had changed because the ‘Casa’.. Read More

Tea bread

  When I was baking for the party last week, I decided quite late on that I wanted to make a fruit cake or two  for the adults, although that said, Miss Glade loves a slice herself! I confess that I usually throw the ingredients in, mix and bake, it mostly turns out ok. This time I measured everything because I knew I would want to share it. Orange marmalade is included in.. Read More

Hanover Street Social

I wrote on Saturday about having restaurant reservations with friends at somewhere I had been wanting to try for a while, it was here at Hanover Street Social. It is based in the centre of Liverpool City Centre. From the outside it looks very unassuming. Those three sets of windows constitute the outside view. When we arrived late on Saturday afternoon the restaurant was full and had a great atmosphere. We had to.. Read More

Broccoli, Cauliflower and Pasta Bake!

This dish came about completely out of necessity and I am so delighted with it, that I might actually plan to make it again and shop for the ingredients next time.  As always you can swap and change the vegetable element to your heart’s content. I put recipes on here in the hope that my daughter, who is at university, might be inspired and have a go. It has worked on occasion. This is.. Read More

Picnic Food – Cheese and Onion Pasties!

  Now given that I am always going on about picnics, I thought I would share with you the sort of food I sometimes make for a picnic. Himself and the youngest both take sandwiches for lunch each day, so at the weekends I like add a bit of variation to their diet if possible. These pasties are ideal for picnics and are very filling. You can also vary the fillings, I added.. Read More

Spinach and Cream Cheese Lasagna – slow cooker style!

  We had picnic plans for Saturday so, on Good Friday I thought I would try to make a lasagna in the slow cooker, so it would be ready for when we got home on Saturday evening. I have seen various recipes on the internet but ricotta isn’t terribly popular in this house, so I thought I would just wing it. Thankfully, it turned out well! You literally just build the lasagna and.. Read More