The Garden Table


Hi Elle, Do you remember that we bought our garden table and chairs on a whim? When we moved into our house, a new build, we knew we were going to have to create the garden from scratch. At the time I could not imagine how the garden would evolve, and therefore, what sort of garden furniture would be the best, so we bought a set that ‘would do us for now’. Fast forward two years and.. Read More

My Monday Quote – when less is not more!


  I guess its a good sign that I have spent every spare moment this weekend planting. It was a busy weekend anyway with arrangements which is a good job given that at least 15 more pots have been added to our tiny garden. Clearly my house rule of less is more,  has been completely ignored in the garden ha!       Thank you Becky for hosting!   Thank you Mac for hosting!.. Read More

The Fence!

Sometime ago I wrote about my struggle to convince himself that painting the fence was a great idea. I was certain that I would be able to wear him down so that eventually, he would cave in and paint the fence a glorious shade of duck egg blue. I also promised to keep you in the loop. This weekend, this happened. The youngest took down the adornments that lined the fence. I took ‘before’ pictures. While.. Read More

This week I have Loved……. oh I have a list!

I know everyone is saying it,  but I can not believe that it is the end of August already! The summer has flown, the leaves are already falling from the trees in The Glade. We have a lovely long bank holiday weekend stretching ahead of us before the mayhem of the school routine begins again. I have a list of things that I have loved this week, so I will just get on.. Read More

If I could…………

The lovely Catherine at Pushing The Moon has tagged me for this ‘If I could…….” meme. It was started by Jocelyn from The Reading Residence who called it The Walter Mitty Post, which I think is brilliant! I usually do my day dreaming during my commute, here is a little insight into my whimsical thoughts! If I could live anywhere I actually really love where I live but I wish we had a warmer climate… Read More

Blooming Lovely!

Given that I have been pestering everyone all over the internet for gardening advice all summer, I thought I would show some pictures of progress so far. I took the before pictures on a rare sunny morning in February. The updated pictures I took on Saturday. The fence remains unpainted for two reasons, we are thinking of adding a double fence to the part behind the table and we cannot agree on a colour. But.. Read More

In my English Country Garden! 

It’s the first of July and this is what is happening in my garden! I am delighted because I am clueless and have just picked what I liked. Clearly I like purples and pinks ha! It’s a short and sweet one today! I’m in Amsterdam airport en route to Geneva for work meetings. Get me!   Have a lovely day!

Our Garden Mostly in Pictures!

I desperately wanted to join in with Jess from Mummy of Boy Girl Twins & Caro from  The Twinkles Dairies and their new HomeEct linky. I love houses and homes, we purchased our first house within weeks of my 18th birthday. However, since I learned of this new new link we have had nothing but miserable rain and dark skies, not ideal for taking interior pictures. Therefore, I have started with my garden because it was lighter out.. Read More


There are grey squirrels in abundance on the Wirral. However, they are a particular feature here on our Glade. We are inundated by them. One even tapped on our front window when we were eating breakfast one Saturday morning. Mr Glade is particularly unimpressed with grey squirrels. He firmly subscribes to the school of thought that they are vermin – ‘Vegetarian Rats’ he has been known to declare them. Most days, Jack of.. Read More