As We Surprise Himself!


A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I stumbled across a great find at a local Antiques Fair. Without even conferring, we purchased the item because we knew Himself would love it. He was waiting outside with Jack. With the purchase well hidden, we ran outside and marched Himself to the nearest bench. He was asked to sit down because we had a surprise for him. This is a genuine picture of his.. Read More

Where is the pan?


As weekends go, it wasn’t an epic by any means. However, we did venture out to Thurstaston in an effort to try out the new camping stove. I say new as though it was a replacement but in truth, himself will not entertain anything remotely connected with camping. I purchased the stove during a rebellious moment on a lone shopping trip ha! We had decided on a simple menu of Quorn hot dogs,.. Read More

My Captured Moment!

August 2005 : Eureka, Halifax. Sorry about the glare from the Himself’s jacket in this old picture. It was taken at Eureka, The Children’s museum in Halifax. There was lots of excitement when we got to this exhibit because “Daddy” works for the Post Office. He celebrated his 30th year in the job earlier this year, that is a lot of Christmases. He gets so exhausted, that by Christmas Eve, when I hand him my.. Read More

A postcard from Dubai!

I might have mentioned that himself and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary this summer. Instead of buying each other expensive presents, we decided to snag a cheeky week away, on our own, sans children. It was to be the first break away on our own in 20 years. In my mind we were rehearsing for our retirement, therefore if it didn’t work out, there was till time to do something about it.. Read More

The Liverpool Eye!

I am joining with Ali from My life My love for her fabulous linky –This Week I’ve Loved – The Liverpool Eye  We have been meaning to go on the wheel for ages. Last weekend we had dinner in Liverpool and decided to go and have a look. There wasn’t a queue and as it was dusk, it seemed the ideal time to hop on. We climbed into the capsule, which had commentary by.. Read More

Five on Friday!

This week I am joining with Amy from Love Made My Home for  Five on Friday time and Maria who is Suburban Mum for Our Favorite Five. One This dinner. I am really busy at the moment in my new job. I came home quite late on Tuesday to find that Himself had cooked this gorgeous dinner. Walking through the door I could have cried with gratitude. The littlest was back from her travels,.. Read More

A weekend with a difference! 

This weekend was a strange one for himself and I. We had no children. Miss Glade was in France on a school trip. So we did what any self respecting free parent would do and,  met Ms Glade in Manchester before she started her weekend shift at work.     Himself wanted to check out The Lowry exhibition at the er…….Lowry . It was  interesting, there were some great works of art on.. Read More

Mr G’s Happy Days! #6

In honour of it being Himself’s birthday, I thought I would ask him about his Happy Days this week. I might be pushing Katy from What Katy Said and Jenna from Tiny Foot Steps to the limit here by breaking the rules again. Disclaimer: I have not had my best week ever but still wanted to take part.   So Himself: Out and about – I have enjoyed a number of good walks this week,  especially.. Read More