Port Sunlight Village


Hi Ellie, I thought you might like to see a bit of home today. Well not home exactly, but Port Sunlight Village which is just a few miles from the Glade. It was built by William Hesketh Lever for the workers at his Sunlight Soap factory in 1888. As you know, it is one of my favourite place to go, I love that there are so many different houses in such a small.. Read More

The Garden Table


Hi Elle, Do you remember that we bought our garden table and chairs on a whim? When we moved into our house, a new build, we knew we were going to have to create the garden from scratch. At the time I could not imagine how the garden would evolve, and therefore, what sort of garden furniture would be the best, so we bought a set that ‘would do us for now’. Fast forward two years and.. Read More

Finally a book case!


I have written about this neglected corner of my living room before. Eventually, I decided that some sort of bookcase or shelving was needed. After much deliberation, and stomping about when Himself declared that our walls would not be suitable for my first choice, I was forced settled on having a book case. I decided that I wanted a pine one and would upcycle it with Annie Sloan’s assistance. I scoured Ebay and dabbled with a.. Read More

Vintage prints!


I have struggled to know what to do with our stairs. We still have the builder’s magnolia paint but I love to see pictures on the walls to inject some personality to the place. As is usual in these situations, I found myself wandering into our local John Lewis in search of inspiration. I stumbled across some prints by Kelly Hall and after a few visits, decided to invest. The depict her interpretation.. Read More

My five favourite tips!


When I published my first few recipes, I used to always include a little tip at the end. They were always things that I thought everyone knew, so I am often amazed when I mention things to people and they have never heard of it. Over time, I have developed a few of my own. Here are my five favourites that I use all the time     I blast a lemon in.. Read More


One of the best things about Christmas surely has to be the food. This fudge like creation has become a regular feature in my December kitchen. It is eye wateringly simple! I often pop a few pieces in a bag with a pretty ribbon and gift it. Now it isn’t actually fudge in the true sense of the word, in fact I would argue because we are not using tons of sugar, just.. Read More


I will not be here in The  Glade for Halloween – Boo!! I love Halloween and so therefore, preparations have begun early. The skeletons are in situ either side of the door. The windows have their pumpkins on. The front door is wearing its Pumpkin wreath. The warning is on the gate and the broomstick will join it as soon as we remember where we left it. ha! The pumpkins, spiders and ghosts are.. Read More