This time of year is really tough on Jack. It gets dark so early that it is difficult to let him off his lead on his daily walks. However, at the weekend when he is allowed his freedom, he is off like a racehorse. These photographs were taken in New Brighton, Wirral. I wish I had taken this image on a manual setting and been able to capture the water more clearly. However,.. Read More

The Counsellor!


My Captured Moment this week comes from the Friday before last.  Evie has been chosen by her classmates to represent them. Then the rest of the year elected her and her friend, to sit on the school council on their behalf. She is delighted and so are we. I have mentioned before that the last school year was a difficult  one for her. This time last year, I am sure that she would not have even considered.. Read More

Packing, Preparing & Planning!


Hi Ellie, Well life seems to have gotten a bit crazy around here and time has really run away with me. We have been packing, preparing and planning for our trip to the Big Apple to see you. We now have an itinerary of sorts. On Saturday morning, we decided that we needed to do something outside the house and so we went to Western Approaches in Liverpool. It was fascinating and left us.. Read More

A girl, A bike & A dog!


Dear Ellie, As you know, we are planing to take part in the ‘Pedal ‘n’ Picnic’ event next Saturday. It is apparent that we all need some practice. On Friday evening, we dusted off our bikes and off we went. We literally had to wash them, they were filthy. Afterwards, Evie was on her bike in the Glade and when Jack came over it looked as though he was posing. I whipped out my phone and.. Read More

Walking by the Canal!


This weekend we visited the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in North Wales. It carries the Llangollen Canal over the River Dee. The views were stunning but the actual aqueduct was a tad too high for me. But the walk the other side, along the canal was lovely. Evie was delighted when we stumbled across this friendly cat. We even participated in a touch of geocaching. Although Himself obviously had to show us how to do it properly.. Read More

Where is the pan?


As weekends go, it wasn’t an epic by any means. However, we did venture out to Thurstaston in an effort to try out the new camping stove. I say new as though it was a replacement but in truth, himself will not entertain anything remotely connected with camping. I purchased the stove during a rebellious moment on a lone shopping trip ha! We had decided on a simple menu of Quorn hot dogs,.. Read More

Five on Friday – Blists Hill


Hello, Things are pretty chaotic around here at the moment as we prepare for both girls to go away on Wednesday. I have not taken many photos this week as I have been running around like a headless chicken most of the time. So I thought I would share our half term visit to Blists Hill with you. One Blists Hill is a village in Shropshire that has been created as a Victorian.. Read More

My Monday Quote!


We make no secret of the big part that Jack, our black lab, plays in our lives. Our weekends revolve around where we are going to take him and quite right too, we work all week.     However, when I saw a variation of this quote recently, it made me stop and think. Of course, we are everything to him. While visitors come and go, usually after making a fuss of him,.. Read More

My Sunday Photo!


30th January 2016 – Eastham Country Park I took this picture yesterday as we walked Jack in the woods behind our house. We managed to catch the best hour of the day, the sky was blue, the sun was bright but it was bitterly cold. When we got home and I looked at the picture properly, I was amazed at how bright the sun had been shining, the weather had turned to sleet.. Read More

Five On Friday!


Well it is Friday and time for my happy post. The end of January is in sight and I am not a bit sorry! I don’t mind February nearly as much, we have half term and much more to look forward to. Therefore, it has been much easier to find my happy five this week. One     The youngest and I picked this Hyacinth plant up at a green grocers a couple.. Read More