Breakfast on the go!


I was not going to do a My Captured Moment this week because it is bedlam around here just now. However, Heledd has just tweeted that this is the last time for this lovely link up. So after a frantic delve in my drop box, I have unearthed this picture from a past Christmas morning. This is the picture that Himself always says is his favorite. Evie having her breakfast on the go. Thank.. Read More



During our recent visit to Turkey one of the places that Ellie wanted to see was Ephesus. To be absolutely honest, I was not that bothered because I thought if you have seen one ampitheatre you have seen them all  and we don’t live that far from Chester ha! But given that we were there to celebrate Ellie’s birthday, I went along for the ride. It was an interesting ride too because our taxi.. Read More

The birthday Cake


Hello how are you? I didn’t mean to be away for quite so long but other things seem to have got in the way. I have lots to update you on but today I want to share Ellie’s 21st birthday. She chose to go away and picked a hotel in Turkey for some last minute sunshine before Winter begins. I emailed ahead and booked a table in the Turkish restaurant for the big.. Read More

Heritage Weekend

My Captured

We took advantage of the Heritage Open Days this weekend. The beautiful village of Port Sunlight is very near to where we live and one of our favourite places to visit. With it being ‘open village day’, there were lots of buildings open to the public that we had never been inside before. The other thing about Port Sunlight, is that it is very popular with those playing the Pokemon game. As you.. Read More

The Memories We’ve Made!


As we too prepare for the new academic year, it makes me realise how strange this summer has been. I think everyone knows that our eldest daughter has spent most of it in America. Therefore, we have been one person short for months and it has been weird. There were definitely bumpy times along the way. However, despite the odds we have all survived ha! and live to tell another tale. Indeed, it.. Read More

It is raining Mummy!

My Captured

August 2004 Hi Ellie, Look at this picture that I have found! Now I know I am not going to get any mum points for this, but I think I come out of this story much worse than you girls. Do you remember we went to York for a stay cation and had a lovely time? But it was a typical British summer weather wise, and as we walked towards the Castle Museum,.. Read More

When Ellie did Ibiza!!

My Captured

Hi Ellie, Look what I have found. This lovely picture of you. June Ibiza 2004 Ah that was a great holiday wasn’t it? We spent every day on the beach and at 14 months old, Evie spent her time crawling along the edge of the sea. Eventually, we bought her a little boat to give her some variation ha! It was in Ibiza that you first learned to body board, you loved it.. Read More

Let summer begin!


Hi Ellie, How are you surviving the heat wave in New York? I understand it is called the summer dome, I hope you have not lost too many campers to the local hospital this week. This is the last Five On Friday for the summer, that means that we will see you in four weeks – yikes. It has been a good week on the Glade with lots to report, so I will.. Read More

The Altar Server!

My Captured

Dear Ellie, February 2006 I have changed My Captured Moment today because I am not sure if you have heard that a priest was murdered, in a very brutal way, in France a couple of days ago – during mass. He was an old man, the same age as Grandma Mary, who was covering for the regular priest while he was on holiday. It is horrendous to think that something that horrific could.. Read More

Both Girls!

My Captured

Hi Ellie, Thank you for posting this picture on your Instagram last Thursday to wish me Happy Birthday. I had forgotten all about it and it did make me stop in my tracks. Your leaving party, when this was taken, seems like so long now, was it really only four weeks ago? It was such a lovely night and I know you were overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity, we didn’t expect it either –.. Read More