This time of year is really tough on Jack. It gets dark so early that it is difficult to let him off his lead on his daily walks. However, at the weekend when he is allowed his freedom, he is off like a racehorse. These photographs were taken in New Brighton, Wirral. I wish I had taken this image on a manual setting and been able to capture the water more clearly. However,.. Read More

Autumnal Sunset


On our recent trip to Turkey, we were lucky enough to witness some stunning sunsets. Autumn was in full swing there too, this picture was taken in the very early evening. It was pitch black by 7pm every night.  I have not tinkered with this picture at all, the sky really was that stunning colour. Have a lovely day!

The Flatiron Building!


On our recent visit to New York, I was desperate to see the Flatiron Building. It gets its name due to the fact that it is triangle shaped, like an iron. It didn’t disappoint!   I was concentrating so much on getting a photograph of the building from  a flat perspective, that I didn’t realise that the sun was so beautiful at that moment. The sky was this fabulous shade of blue throughout our.. Read More

At the station!


The World Trade Centre Transportation Hub! This hub replaced the train station that was destroyed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Its centrepiece is the Oculus, a glass and steel structure which is designed, when seen from the outside, to look like a dove in flight. I took this photograph of the inside – it was amazing. It is the sort of view that makes you stand and stare. Have a lovely day!

The View from the Hudson!


Manhattan from the Hudson River –  August 2016 My love affair with my new Nikon camera continues. On our way back from visiting the lady in the top picture, I turned and saw this view from the Hudson River. I sat staring for a moment before I remembered to take a picture. This photo is completely unedited, the buildings really were that bright and Battery Park really was that green. I am still.. Read More

15 Years


Hans Christian Anderson – Central Park, New York I took this picture during our recent trip to New York. As soon as I took it, I decided that I would save it to post today. This plaque is beside the statue. During our trip we visited the 9/11 memorial and took part in the Memorial Walk. It was deeply moving! I wish you a peaceful day on this 15th Anniversary xx

A Wirral Sunset!

18th August 2016 This week we decided to make the most of the lovely weather by taking ourselves off to a local beauty spot for a BBQ when Himself finished work. We had a great time, I grabbed my new camera and began to snap away. I have not progressed out of the Auto setting on my camera yet, therefore I pointed it towards the sky and took this shot. I was amazed at.. Read More

The Welsh Hills!


13th August 2016 Hi Ellie, We took part in the 3rd Anniversary Pedal’n’Picnic event yesterday for Bike & Go. We really enjoyed it and learned lots more about the scheme. Like you can join and hire a bike on the same day anywhere in the country, for just £3.80 a day! I have been looking at hiring bikes in Central Park, New York during our holiday in a couple of weeks . Given.. Read More

A girl, A bike & A dog!


Dear Ellie, As you know, we are planing to take part in the ‘Pedal ‘n’ Picnic’ event next Saturday. It is apparent that we all need some practice. On Friday evening, we dusted off our bikes and off we went. We literally had to wash them, they were filthy. Afterwards, Evie was on her bike in the Glade and when Jack came over it looked as though he was posing. I whipped out my phone and.. Read More

Festival Ready!


Evie –  23rd July 2016 Evie was festival ready yesterday; colourful stripey blanket – check skinny jeans – check cool sleeveless top – check flat shoes to match said sleeveless top – check flowers in hair – check! We were at Liverpool International Music Festival and it was awesome! Evie’s friend came too and everyone had a great time, especially Jack who was admired and fussed over all day. If you are local,.. Read More