Deck the Halls……..

christmas from all at Into The Glade-3

Like most people, we have Decked the Halls this week.  I have added a little splash of colour to our tree this year with some copper baubles. It ties the tree in nicely with the colours that are already in that room. It is just a very subtle splash of colour that has made all the difference. Even Himself is pleased with the result and he doesn’t usually notice until Christmas Eve. I have.. Read More

The Garden Table


Hi Elle, Do you remember that we bought our garden table and chairs on a whim? When we moved into our house, a new build, we knew we were going to have to create the garden from scratch. At the time I could not imagine how the garden would evolve, and therefore, what sort of garden furniture would be the best, so we bought a set that ‘would do us for now’. Fast forward two years and.. Read More

Finally a book case!


I have written about this neglected corner of my living room before. Eventually, I decided that some sort of bookcase or shelving was needed. After much deliberation, and stomping about when Himself declared that our walls would not be suitable for my first choice, I was forced settled on having a book case. I decided that I wanted a pine one and would upcycle it with Annie Sloan’s assistance. I scoured Ebay and dabbled with a.. Read More

Vintage prints!


I have struggled to know what to do with our stairs. We still have the builder’s magnolia paint but I love to see pictures on the walls to inject some personality to the place. As is usual in these situations, I found myself wandering into our local John Lewis in search of inspiration. I stumbled across some prints by Kelly Hall and after a few visits, decided to invest. The depict her interpretation.. Read More

The Patio Doors!


We have cheated in the kitchen and painted over the builder’s magnolia paint, months before we are supposed to. One of the perils when buying a new build, is that you are advised to leave the walls untouched for the first two years. Our walls are now covered in a chalky white, wipeable paint – essential with a muck magnet, that is Jack, our black lab. We have removed the curtains that were there.. Read More

Keeping you in the picture!


Recently I have been looking at lots of lovely posts featuring gallery walls. I love them and Pinterest is so full of great ideas for creating one, that I can’t decide which style to choose. My other problem is that, we have so many family photographs that we want to display, I am finding it really difficult to decide which to leave out. However, in the meantime I have discovered printables  and there.. Read More


  Usually I really dislike January,  but I am trying harder to deal with our personality clash this year. I believe the fact that I have decided to wholeheartedly embrace the concept of Hygge, is helping enormously. This Danish idea is, quite rightly in my opinion, sweeping the internet. From what I understand, it is creating a feeling of cosiness within your home. For a natural hibernator like me, it is a welcome.. Read More

My Final Festive Five!

I can’t believe that this is the final Five on Friday of the year! It has been such a pleasure to visit you all most Fridays and thank you for all your great comments. You are all very lovely indeed! So to my final five – One I love this little Christmas tree in our kitchen window. The theme in here is far more traditional than in our living room. I think this.. Read More

My Festive Five!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Preparations are progressing at a manageable pace here on The Glade. Himself seems to be surviving the madness that is his work. I’m trying to fight the evil bugs with nutrition. We have the tree up and here are another five things that I am delighted to have ticked off my ‘to do’ list. One The kitchen is ready to welcome visitors. I picked this.. Read More

Fake v Real : The Dilemma!

You do know I mean Christmas trees not body parts don’t you ha? When we were first married we always had a fake tree, well we were childless and far more interested in going out on the town and hosting parties. Gradually though, I leaned towards a real tree and after much persuading, Himself wasn’t convinced, that is what we have had for about the last ten years. I love a real tree,.. Read More