Five on Friday – Paris!


I am more pleased than usual to see Friday this week. For a number of reasons it has been a very strange week for me, but lets not dwell on that! I am continuing my Paris update for my Five on Friday this week because with the exception of Disney on Ice, I have not taken any other photographs. One Our hotel was very near to the Eiffel Tower and we loved being.. Read More

The fabulous BagelStein – Paris!


As you know we recently went to Paris for the weekend. I simply have to share this little gem with you. As you walk from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, there is a road that runs beside the Champs d’Elysee called Avenue Marceau. At number 5, you will find the most fantastic bagel shop.   You will probably smell the bagels baking before you actually see BagelStein. There are freshly.. Read More

Arc de Triomphe


This week has been full of curve balls for me  so I have not taken any pictures. However, I did take a hundreds on our recent weekend in Paris. Don’t worry I will not bore you with them all ha! But one of the most interesting sites for me was the trip up the Arc De Triomphe. We have been to Paris many times before. Here is a picture of the girls in 2005 with.. Read More

My Captured Moment!

My Captured

My Captured Moment this week is from last weekend . Paris – 27th February 2016 This picture was taken on Saturday morning next to the Eiffel Tower, although you would be forgiven for thinking we had super imposed it afterwards. It was a cold but very bright morning, we were climbing the tower by 10am because our hotel was literally just around the corner. When this picture was taken little did we realise.. Read More

Au Revoir!


I am sorry to say there is no Five On Friday from me this week!   We are going to Paris for the weekend. It was the youngest’s Christmas present. She has been before but could not remember it and was desperate to go again. We booked it last August and said nothing to keep the surprise. When the atrocities occurred in November, I was in two minds about what to do. I guess.. Read More

Five On Friday!


It has definitely been a bit easier to find five happy things this week, I guess that happens when you see the sun at some point. One Like on Saturday morning as we walked Jack through the woods, it was a wondrous sight. I didn’t realise until I got home that the rays had been so strong until I looked at the pictures later. It was bitterly cold and we had sleet a.. Read More

My Captured Moment!

I have changed My Captured Moment this week. The pictures are blurry – sorry it was a long time ago. Paris : August 2005 Eiffel Tower We had a great week or so in Paris. We had been to Disneyland Paris and then spent the rest of the time exploring the city. The youngest told a metro car full of people that the Eiffel Tower has spoken to her (I told you about.. Read More

My Captured Moment #20

  Disneyland Paris : August 2005 It is 10 years, almost to the day,  since this picture was taken. The eldest was ten, she had been before and was very excited. The youngest was two and quite bemused. In fact, she didn’t mind meeting Goofy. The eldest loved it. However, the next night while the eldest bungee jumped! The youngest was very pleased indeed to receive a Mini Mouse balloon!! We had such.. Read More