My Captured Moment

My Captured

Spain – 30th July 2015   Our holidays last year could not be described as one of the best. With hindsight, it was not the greatest place to go with two lively youngsters and in truth, it was probably a bit too quiet even for himself and I. Thankfully, with had hired a car and so spent a lot of time out and about. This picture was taken in Santa Pola on an.. Read More

Postcards from Spain!

You must know by now that I don’t do long rambling posts, short and snappy is my philosophy! I wanted to share our¬†pictures from Spain but don’t want to bore anyone. So I have made three postcards to give a snap shot and hopefully make it a bit more interesting! Elche Top – Sculpture of disciples in church square. Middle – Orange trees that lines the boulevards, tourist information office. Bottom – Mural.. Read More

My Captured Moment #18

    My Captured Moment was taken last Sunday on the roof terrace of our holiday accommodation. I love to take pictures but I am far less happy in front of the camera. However, this particular morning the eldest had invested in a new ‘selfie stick’, her last one having been stolen at uni – students! We had an hilarious morning of her taking pictures all over the place including in the car… Read More

When in Rome………or Spain!

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is to go food shopping. Three out of four of our contingent is vegetarian, so with the best will in the world, some meals have to be self catered. Vegetarians get a raw deal in the UK, however we always come home from our holidays grateful that at least most places here have a vegetarian option. During our recent trip to Spain, we found.. Read More

Elche – A 1950’s Diner!

Some days it was so hot in Spain, that we simply had to seek refuge and find somewhere that we hoped had air conditioning! On one such day we headed to a shopping centre in nearby Elche. We ran into the L’Alijub centre and breathed ¬†sigh of relief. However, being used to air conditioning Floridian style, the strength found in Spain was disappointing. Nevertheless, when I drew breathe, I realises that the youngest.. Read More

My Five on Friday – The holiday edition!

My Five On Friday has a distinctive holiday feel about it today because I am in Spain, basking in the sun. One There have been many salad lunches consumed, have I mentioned that it is very hot here? Two My favourite holiday bag has made the journey with me this year. I bought this bag a few years ago in America, it is Lulu Guinness one for Penny’s, I love it. The third.. Read More