My Monday Quote – when less is not more!


  I guess its a good sign that I have spent every spare moment this weekend planting. It was a busy weekend anyway with arrangements which is a good job given that at least 15 more pots have been added to our┬átiny garden. Clearly my house rule of less is more, ┬áhas been completely ignored in the garden ha!       Thank you Becky for hosting!   Thank you Mac for hosting!.. Read More

My Monday Quote!

At the end of each of my posts I always instruct the reader to ‘Have a lovely day’. In light of the abhorrent events in the world over the last week, it got me thinking about how does anyone have a lovely day after hearing such terrible news? Indeed, I was in two minds as to whether to even put it on my first post after Friday’s news. It was my own little.. Read More

My Monday Quote!

I imagine someone else will of already posted this quote at some point, sorry if it was you! I have been struggling with ‘working mum’s guilt’ this last week. I completely missed half term because of a work event. Couple that with falling asleep at every turn because I have had awful jet lag and, you have one guilty mum. Therefore, when I saw this quote earlier this week, it came at just.. Read More