Keep Calm and Love a Vegetarian – Please!


1990 was quite a big year for me, I got married and became a vegetarian, the two events were most definitely linked. I had made a very early connection between the sweet new born lambs that I saw in the fields and the chops in our freezer, but my mum wasn’t the sort to experiment with food, so I had to wait to begin my vegetarian journey. Having taken the plunge, I was.. Read More

When in Rome………or Spain!

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is to go food shopping. Three out of four of our contingent is vegetarian, so with the best will in the world, some meals have to be self catered. Vegetarians get a raw deal in the UK, however we always come home from our holidays grateful that at least most places here have a vegetarian option. During our recent trip to Spain, we found.. Read More

Spinach and Cream Cheese Lasagna – slow cooker style!

  We had picnic plans for Saturday so, on Good Friday I thought I would try to make a lasagna in the slow cooker, so it would be ready for when we got home on Saturday evening. I have seen various recipes on the internet but ricotta isn’t terribly popular in this house, so I thought I would just wing it. Thankfully, it turned out well! You literally just build the lasagna and.. Read More

Crustless Quiche

  A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going to try to recreate a pie that myself and Miss Glade had enjoyed on Mother’s Day. This is my version, a Crustless Quiche. It is actually a bit of a staple in this house but this is the first time that I have added broccoli, it’s another of those versatile dishes that you can make with any seasonal vegetables. I think.. Read More

The Egg!

Apparently it is National Vegetarian week, so to celebrate I thought I would show you one of my favourite vegetarian places . The Egg cafe is in Liverpool City Centre, just off Bold Street. It is in the loft space of an old Victorian warehouse. Therefore, the journey up the stairs is not for the faint hearted! When you finally reach the skinny purple door, an airy space is revealed. The decor is.. Read More

Lentil and Mozzarella bake!

    Is it very obvious that this is a “I have not been food shopping yet, so let me see what is in the cupboard” bake? I used mozzarella this time but will probably use mature cheddar next time, because that is what I usually have in the fridge. So basically use what you have and don’t let the list of ingredients put you off, just substitute away! Ingredients 1 glug of.. Read More

Minestrone soup Eastham style!

If you are expecting a recipe for the ‘proper’ Italian version, you may be disappointed. But bare with….. This might be worth a try! This is my version of a lot of different recipes that have morphed together over time. I’m not sure where I got each bit – it’s been so long. If you think you recognise it, please let me know and I will link it appropriately but I am pretty.. Read More

Do you have a vegetarian option?

Having been a vegetarian since 1990, I am still shocked that it isn’t a given that there will always be a vegetarian option. Three out of the four members of our family are vegetarians-there is a lot of it about.   Therefore, the savoury recipes will be vegetarian. Before you ask, because invariably we are asked, yes we do eat diary because we are not vegans! If your not a vegetarian, why not.. Read More