This time of year is really tough on Jack. It gets dark so early that it is difficult to let him off his lead on his daily walks. However, at the weekend when he is allowed his freedom, he is off like a racehorse. These photographs were taken in New Brighton, Wirral. I wish I had taken this image on a manual setting and been able to capture the water more clearly. However,.. Read More

Heritage Weekend

My Captured

We took advantage of the Heritage Open Days this weekend. The beautiful village of Port Sunlight is very near to where we live and one of our favourite places to visit. With it being ‘open village day’, there were lots of buildings open to the public that we had never been inside before. The other thing about Port Sunlight, is that it is very popular with those playing the Pokemon game. As you.. Read More

A Wirral Sunset!

18th August 2016 This week we decided to make the most of the lovely weather by taking ourselves off to a local beauty spot for a BBQ when Himself finished work. We had a great time, I grabbed my new camera and began to snap away. I have not progressed out of the Auto setting on my camera yet, therefore I pointed it towards the sky and took this shot. I was amazed at.. Read More

The Welsh Hills!


13th August 2016 Hi Ellie, We took part in the 3rd Anniversary Pedal’n’Picnic event yesterday for Bike & Go. We really enjoyed it and learned lots more about the scheme. Like you can join and hire a bike on the same day anywhere in the country, for just £3.80 a day! I have been looking at hiring bikes in Central Park, New York during our holiday in a couple of weeks . Given.. Read More

Port Sunlight Village


Hi Ellie, I thought you might like to see a bit of home today. Well not home exactly, but Port Sunlight Village which is just a few miles from the Glade. It was built by William Hesketh Lever for the workers at his Sunlight Soap factory in 1888. As you know, it is one of my favourite place to go, I love that there are so many different houses in such a small.. Read More

Meeting Scarecrows


Dear Ellie, This weekend, we went to the Hoylake Allotments open day. It was english eccentricity at its very best. We loved it! The allotments were full of beautiful fruits, flowers and tons of vegetables. But it was the Scarecrows that were our favourites. Evie made friends with lots of them. This big man greeted everyone as they made their way to the gardens, he had great mutton chops. There were little cute.. Read More

We Heart Hoylake!


Hi Ellie, Saturday saw us popping to Hoylake, a village which on the west side of the Wirral. It was their Festival of Firsts this weekend which included a carnival. We got there early because we thought the roads were going to be closed, and wandered along the high street. We were delighted to stumble across the Wirral Ukulele Fanatics. Evie had a Ukulele for Christmas and has been teaching herself the basics.. Read More

Smell the Roses!


7th July 2016 It was my birthday on Thursday and the highlight of the day was a dog walk around Port Sunlight Village with Jack, in the pouring rain. The roses are looking spectacular there at the moment. As we walked along the pathway through the centre of the garden, the smell was incredible. I took many pictures but this one is my favourite because of the raindrops. Have a lovely day x

Where is the pan?


As weekends go, it wasn’t an epic by any means. However, we did venture out to Thurstaston in an effort to try out the new camping stove. I say new as though it was a replacement but in truth, himself will not entertain anything remotely connected with camping. I purchased the stove during a rebellious moment on a lone shopping trip ha! We had decided on a simple menu of Quorn hot dogs,.. Read More